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CASE: TechBBQ 2018

Project description

In 2018 we had the pleasure to be media partner with the largest startup-summit in Scandinavia, TechBBQ. TechBBQ is held once a year and features talks from some of the most prominent speakers globally and offers the possibility to meet startups with cutting edge technology. 

Our task was to plan and produce all video-content from the event. We delivered a range of different video-formats as the content were aimed at various target groups: attendees, investors, journalists and startups. 

The event lasts for 2 days. During each day we edited a short recap of the day, which was ready for publishing the same day at 19 o’clock – only 1 hour after the official program ended. After the event ended we had the time to dive into each and every detail of the video and boil both of the days down to one final after movie. You can watch the final result below.

As a lot of interesting speaks were held at the event, TechBBQ wanted to give everyone the possibility to watch the speaks they did not attend. Therefore we filmed the speaks on the 3 biggest stages with a multicamera setup and a overlay with the slides from the presenter.

In total we delivered 82 videos from the 2 days of the event. These are spread on 5 different categories:

  • 3 aftermovies (2 of these were made and published during each day of the event)
  • 7 partner videos tailored to some of the most important partners behind TechBBQ (Google, IBM, Preseed Ventures etc.)
  • 6 voxpop videos with interviews from attendees, speakers and startups.
  • 1 new videobanner for the TechBBQ Facebook page
  • 64 videos from the stages.

We are currently planning the content for TechBBQ 2019 – and we promise to raise the bar even higher!


The official TechBBQ aftermovie was aimed at a young tech-minded audience. Therefore we made the video with a tech-vibe in both the editing and the style of the animations.

About the video concepts

Nicolaj Christensen, CMO of TechBBQ, explains some of the video concepts we delivered in 2018.

2019 could include 360-video, podcast and live streaming – stay tuned!

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