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“We had a success story with one of our salespersons, who shared an update on LinkedIn with one of the videos. Just 15 minutes later he was contacted by a larger construction firm, who had seen the video. The same day they signed a deal for 75,000 kr. “

Johnny Krogsgaard, Partner

How do you plan a successful B2B campaign? And how do you specifically target contractors and craftsmen through social media?

That was the challenge we faced when we developed the concept behind our campaign for 3byggetilbud.dk. Since 2000 3byggetilbud.dk has distributed tasks to craftsmen all over Denmark.

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The company has a larger base of consumers among Danish households, who every year request construction work amounting to billions of kroner. With a rapidly growing demand 3byggetilbud needed far more associated craftsmen and contractors. We developed a campaign aimed at showing the great network of which you, as a craftsman, can become a part.

The campaign was structured around a classic sales funnel, where the content formed a top-, mid- and bottom funnel.

Is consisted of six individual videos,
which were versioned to suit multiple platforms. Including different versions, we delivered 12 videos.
The results from the campaign were outstanding. Two months after the launch the campaign has achieved:
Views: 727,926
Clicks: 11,824
Leads: 196
Direct revenue based on first-time clients: +1.000.000 DKK

See the videos below:

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