“The campaign forms a great part of our branding, which is central part of our marketing”

Rasmus Serup, Co-Founder & CEO

How do you develop a personal brand within a competitive market?

HairLust is a Danish E-commerce company that develops its own premium haircare products. In recent years the company has enjoyed massive growth and increasing demand, and they now sell their products in multiple countries. HairLust wanted to develop a local and personalised brand across all countries and guide their customers to the correct use of the products. The aim for the campaign was to develop the brand rather than to create short-term sales on their webshop.

Hairlust Case Gif

Based on the expectations to the results we developed a campaign concept. Throughout the campaign we aimed to establish some soft values within the brand, which would be present across all content.

The target audience was young women. We chose to build the message around the pressure from their surroundings that a lot of young women experience: a pressure to look good, to take care of the environment and to eat a healthy diet.

HairLust was presented as the natural solution – a solution where you easily can choose sustainable products and natural dietary supplements for a healthy daily life. It was important that the campaign had a local feel from all the countries in which it was launched. Therefore, the videos were structured around a voiceover, which was translated and recorded by local speakers from each country.

The campaign content included:
– The main video
– Two short versions
– Three product tutorials
– Thumbnails for the videos
– Still images


All videos were versioned to different platforms and to five different languages (English, Danish, Norwegians,
Swedish and Finnish). Including all versions, we delivered a package of:
– 43 videos
– 15 subtitle files
– 4 thumbnails
– 70+ still images

The content forms a great part of the top- and mid-funnel in the   marketing setup. The main video is also used on the frontpage of the website and as retargeting for website visitors.

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