We Captivate People

                                VINIA Media is a Copenhagen based creative company. With a team of dedicated content creators, we challenge the scope of what’s possible and exceed the expectations of our clients. We tell stories that captivate audiences and inspire people.

Services That Meets Your Needs

We build bridges between strategic thinking and creative concepts and we strive to turn every project into stories people care about.


We create content your audience wants to view. 

With our tried and tested blend of strategic thinking, creative pursuit, and sincere storytelling we give our clients a visual DNA.


We capture the essence of your brand. 

We have an eye for detail when we put products, people and places in the best light to make our clients shine.


We amplify your event.

By combining top notch technical solutions with a creative mindset, we make our clients and their events come alive. 


What If


Move Forward


From Heritage To Home


The Ofir Patrol