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We make brands personal

As humans, we prefer to do business with brands we know, and with which we identify. Whether your company sells swimwear, software, or consultancy hours it is necessary, that your customers know and understand your brand.

Because it creates sales and brands worth working for.

We develop your brand through video, live streaming, and photography.

Our Cases


How do you produce more than 100 individual videos and more than 1,000 still images during a two-day event? That was the challenge we faced for TechBBQ 2019.

With nearly 8,000 attendees TechBBQ is the biggest start-up summit in Scandinavia. The newest technologies in all industries are showcased.

How do you develop a personal brand within a competitive market?

HairLust is a Danish E-commerce company that develops its own premium haircare products.

How do you plan a successful B2B campaign? And how do you specifically target contractors and craftsmen through social media?

That was the challenge we faced when we developed the concept behind our campaign for


“I can highly recommend you to anyone who needs video production. We have received the products quickly and it’s been top
professional. You get only praise from me.

The way you act around our guests has been super-professional.
You won’t find anything much better than what you deliver.

When you see the result in the end, you almost get a tear in your eye because it’s such a good job that you do."

Niels Ralund

“There is a creativity that you can’t ask for your videos gave me a sense of what we actually do here and the impact our programs have on real people – real entrepreneurs. That really stuck with me.
It means a lot that we have a good communication and that you are nice to be around when you do an event. It’s been a really great collaboration"

Emma Milner
Marketing lead

Can we help you?

Our Team

Oliver Rosendal

Founder & Cinematographer

Oliver is the founder of VINIA Media. He is part of the concept development of all campaigns we do, making sure that the creatives excel and are part of a well-planned marketing strategy He has the responsibility of ensuring your video content is of the highest caliber and achieves the expected results. He is also often to be found behind the camera, as he is one of our skilled cinematographers.

Camilla Aleksandra

Proejct Manager & Concept Developer

Camilla has an eye for the bigger picture and ensures, that we are on top of all the small details before a shoot. She is a skilled concept developer and is a part of developing the creative thoughts behind our productions. She comes from a background in design and styling and has a high standard for aesthetics within everything she works on.

Rasmus Østersø

Editor & Motion Designer

Rasmus has exceptional skills in developing creative concepts, without them becoming clichés. Even with a sparse brief, he always manages to develop innovative concepts on all projects. In addition, he is both an excellent editor, color grader, and motion graphic designer. Therefore, he has a major role in making our footage shine in the final product. 

Mathias Vilhelmsen

Cinematographer & Editor

Mathias is an experienced cinematographer and editor. He is always capable of delivering high-end shots, a good mood, and dad jokes. He keeps up to date with the newest tech within filmmaking, and with a passion for post-production and color grading he ensures, that all of our production achieves has a high standard.

Julie Arvé Borch

Project Manager & Concept Developer

Sebastian Møller Christiansen

Cinematographer & Editor

Oliver Høeg Nygaard Pedersen

Editor & Motion Designer

Thilde Spanning

Content & Project Manager


Sankt Nikolaj Vej 8, 1.
1953 Frederiksberg C

Phone: +45 4058 9939


We rent out camera, audio and light equipment for film production. This also includes teleprompters and lenses. Contact us to hear more.